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artist statement

Many people, most maybe, like clean light lines, curves and organic shapes in their furniture. I do not.  I am drawn towards designs which feature geometric and rectilinear shapes with particular attention and focus to the negative spaces. I work to emphasize the positive impact of negative space in my designs.

    Simply put, I want you to experience a reaction to my furniture pieces. Love it or hate it, good or bad, I’m not looking for the safe middle road. I’m looking to challenge and engage.

    Solid and robust, my furniture is made primarily from local hardwoods for commission or small batch craft production.


Having left a career in the finan­cial indus­try, where being creative was not encouraged, Vance is now enjoy­ing exer­cis­ing his design and creative muscles through furni­ture design. 

Vance is in the third year of the Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design - Furniture Degree program at Sheridan College. For his thesis work he will be focusing on creating seating for the elderly that is both attractive and meets a person’s physical needs as we age. 

Vance is drawn towards designs and pieces that are solid, strong and have a presence. His shop assistant is his best friend Bosch, an Old English Sheepdog,

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